no maintenance

Some of the main issues for water heater failure are due to corrosion and sediment buildup. Customers will never have to worry about this with our patented quartz technology.

Save Energy

Our on-demand system will not only heat water when you need it, but will modulate the power accordingly to make sure it is using the least amount of energy possible to meet the hot water demand.

Save Water

By installing the units at the point-of-use, it will take less time to heat water and save up to 20% of water usage.

Save Space

Units can be installed in the garage, closet, and even under the sink. Customers can then utilize this space for other means.


Our products are certified by MET, CSA, CE, WRAS, and meet UL-499 Standards.

SioGreen Infrared Water Heaters

The newest generation of electric water heaters.

SioGreen Customer Installations

Excellent product! Very small, compact and extremely efficient.
Amazing that it replaced a huge, old water heater and yet does a better job.

Donna Smith,

Home Owner

What can a restaurant operator do with another $750 in profit? I can think of many things. A SioGreen water heater solution reduced our restaurant gas bill from $1100 to $350 a month in electricity. SioGreen has more than paid for the investment.

Mark Tofanelli

Area Director Carinos Restaurant

As a manufacturer of liquid chemical compounds, our need for hot water (in excess of 120ºF) is a
frequent need for several different applications. SioGreen has not only met our hot water
demand, but also we no longer waste time and electricity as we did before with
conventional water heaters.

Jerry Virgilio

Production Manager Flo-Tec Inc