Tankless Water Heater


Find the Right Tankless Water Heater for Your Property

Apartments and condominiums can be great choices for living spaces due to their convenience and affordability. However, these living units can be a bit tight in terms of space. Conventional water heaters use large water tanks that take up quite a bit of room, and they use metal heating elements that corrode and wear out inside of the water tank. That’s why an infrared tankless water heater tends to be ideal for apartments and condos. Unlike a conventional tank water heater that takes up too much room and loses efficiency due to corrosion, a tankless water heater remains highly efficient in terms of energy use, space, and delivery of reliable hot water.

Whether you are a resident or a rental property owner, if you have a duplex or a 20 unit apartment building, you can save up to 60% per month on water heating costs by switching to an ultra-efficient infrared tankless water heater. That kind of savings adds up pretty quickly. And, since these water heaters typically last between ten and twenty years (depending on patterns of use), you will not have to worry about replacement costs for a very long time. Utility costs can be astronomical in large buildings, so your choice of water heater can make a big difference. Perhaps even more importantly, Quartz Infrared tankless water heaters reduce the chance of algae or bacteria accumulating in the water supply. That means cleaner, more efficient, eco-friendly hot water.