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Hot Water Heater


Hot Water Heater Solutions for Nail and Beauty Businesses Nail and beauty businesses tend to have huge demands for hot water, more so than many other types of businesses. In addition to the typical restroom and kitchen needs for hot water, nail and beauty businesses require hundreds of gallons of hot water for hair washing, soaking, cleaning, sterilizing, and various types of hair, face and nail treatments. In order to keep costs down and profits up, these businesses demand a reliable, efficient hot water heater that can keep up the production of clean, hot water even at peak usage times.

Fortunately, SioGreen has the answer. SioGreen offers innovative tankless hot water heater models that apply state-of-the-art Quartz Infrared heating elements for instant, ever-flowing hot water. These models are super-efficient, saving up to 60% in monthly energy costs and lasting over ten years before requiring replacement.

SioGreen can help you choose what infrared tankless hot water heater is right for your nail salon, beauty shop or spa. Most nail salons have two 50 gallon tanks or one commercial 110 gallon tank, operating at various levels of efficiency. SioGreen can replace your old water heater, or help you create a Hybrid system that combines an existing tank unit with a SioGreen tankless water heater. Hybrid water heating systems improve efficiency and extend the life of the unit, saving big money in monthly utility costs and eventual replacement costs. In most cases, switching to a SioGreen tankless water heater or Hybrid system will save a salon in instant $1,500.