Infrared Tankless Water Heater

  • What is the life expectancy of the quartz heating elements?

    Without direct contact with the coating, the estimated lifecycle is 10-20 years, depending on application and usage.

  • What kind of insulation is around the quartz heating elements?

    Boiler Cotton Fiberglass

  • What is the output capacity of the heater units?

    7kW (30Amp), 8.8kW (40Amp), 14 kW (60Amp), 17.6 kW (80Amp)

  • What kind of safety features does the unit have?

    Over heat cut-off Fuse protection - Leakage Current to protect against electric shock - Fuse on Primary Power Supply - Isolation of all High Voltage current from water way - Built in Circuit Breaker for overload and short circuit situations - Software disconnects for Hi-Limit temperature settings - Operating Performance settings Alarms - Power output isolation parameters - No GPM Flow and 0.5 GPM indicators and back flow prevention device.

  • What are the wire and electrical requirements of each unit?

    30 AMP units require 30 AMP Breaker in Control Panel and #10 AWG - 40 AMP units require 40 AMP Breaker in Control Panel and #8 AWG - 60 AMP units require 60 AMP Breaker in Control Panel and #6 AWG from control panel to heating unit, split to 2 pair #10 AWG - 80 AMP units require 80 AMP Breaker in Control Panel and #4 AWG from control panel to heating unit split to 2 pair #8 AWG.

  • How many AMPs do the units need?

    30, 40, 60 or 80 AMPS respectively

  • How many Volts do they need?


  • What if there is power fluctuation to the unit and/or power failure?

    These conditions will not damage the unit; however, a lower power supply will reduce the output performance in temperature rise.

  • Do the units work on 50 or 60HZ?


  • Is it a single phase only application?


  • Will it work off of solar panels? Can this unit help my current solar application?

    SioGreen IR-Series heaters can be used as Solar Backup with the Solar Storage tank.

  • Will this unit work for radiant heat?

    Yes, radiant heat is an application design that uses a closed recirculation loop.

  • Will it have detailed instructions for installation and operation?

    An Installation Manual is included with every SioGreen IR-Series Unit. The only operating controls for the End User is the Temperature Control which is used to adjust the water temperature from the incoming water temp up to a max of 125F.

  • Can anyone install the unit or do you have to be certified?

    SioGreen IR-Series must be installed by a licensed contractor according to your local building codes.

  • Do you have a 24hr, 1-800 number for trouble shooting or can I find it on a website?

    Due to the simplicity in design and modular construction, there is little help available from a phone call. The Installation Manual has troubleshooting sections which will solve most problems; however, our warranty authorizes the contractor to replace the SioGreen IR-Series Unit or module if a problem occurs within our heater.

  • What kind of manufactures warranty does it have?

    Our warranty is based on the unit model. All warranty covers ALL COMPONENTS and are handled through our authorized contractor dealers. Unlike most other heater manufacturers, our warranty is not pro-rated based on components or usage. Please contact our sale support for additional information.

  • Do I have to register the unit once it is installed to activate the warranty?

    Yes, this can be done by registering online and provide a copy of the original sales and installation receipt to establish the install date. A completed, registered warranty submission will save time and confusion should you ever have an issue.

  • How soon will you perform the warranty work if the unit is defective unit or not working properly?

    All warranty work is performed by the authorized contractor/dealer that originally installed the unit. The dealer will have replacement Units and Parts in stock; however, their schedules will control their response time.

  • What happens in the event of a problem after the 3 year Warranty is up?

    These units are modular and have only 5 major replaceable components. These parts are available through our authorized dealers and should be replaced by them.

  • Does your unit work in cold climate?

    These units will work in all climates; however, the proper size unit and configuration must be chosen for optimum performance. The configuration is based on water flow rate, temperature of incoming water and desired temperature rise. A Hybrid (connected to existing tank heater) or recirculation loop system may work better in the colder climates where the incoming water is blended with water that is already heated.

  • How can I get detailed information about the Hybrid System?

    You can find the basic operational overview on the website. The concept schematics, programming modifications and generic wiring diagrams are available to authorized dealers and contractors. These instructions are in generic form and intended to provide a guide that can be adapted to comply with local codes

  • Do I have to buy a special unit or parts for the hybrid unit?

    All (4) SioGreen IR-Series models may be used for a Hybrid application. Plumbing parts will be needed to convert new or existing tank type water, including a separate circulation pump. Most residential installations will use a 3/4" - 1/12 HP Bronze Pump. Commercial and larger installations require the contractor to size the pump with the proper TDH.

  • What if I have an older tank?

    The age of the tank is not as important as the condition of the tank. Your contractor can determine the condition of your existing tank by inspecting it for visible rust or leaks on the outside and removing the lower heating element to check for scale or corrosion inside the tank. Your contractor can remove scale from older tanks if the tank itself is sound.