Hot Water Heater


Hot Water Heater Solutions for Restaurants Hot water is absolutely crucial in restaurants. Any restaurant, from small, locally owned coffee shops to large, 300 seat franchises, requires hundreds of gallons of hot water each day for hand washing, cooking, dish washing, cleaning and sanitizing. For reasons of sanitation and food safety, food service facilities are not legally permitted to operate without proof of an adequate supply of reliable hot water during peak operations. This is why it is so important for restaurant owners and managers to choose the right hot water heater to provide instant hot water as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

SioGreen’s Quartz Infrared tankless hot water heater models use infrared energy to heat water without making the heating elements come into direct contact with the water. Unlike metal heating elements in conventional water tanks, infrared tankless water heaters do not experience metal corrosion, and they are much less likely to develop deposits of algae, bacteria and other contaminants in the tank.

The Quartz Infrared heating components in SioGreen hot water heater units are far more efficient than traditional models, saving up to 60% in energy costs each and every month. For an average restaurant with 200 seats and a full kitchen, most businesses will save $700 a month by using a SioGreen hot water heater. That’s about $8,400 a year or more added to your profits. Because the unit is tankless and highly durable, it will last for over ten years, sometimes much longer, depending upon use. SioGreen offers a great way to save money while ensuring access to plenty of safe, clean, hot water.