Infrared Water Heater


Infrared Water Heater Solutions for Laundry Businesses Out of all of the businesses in the world, few of them use as much hot water as a laundry. From small coin laundromats to specialized on-premise laundry (OPL) facilities, laundry businesses use hundreds of gallons of hot water on a daily basis. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial for laundry owners and managers to choose the most efficient water heater available in order to provide reliable hot water at peak operating times while reducing energy costs and remaining operational for as many years as possible.

Fortunately, SioGreen offers a range of tankless infrared water heater models that apply the latest in Quartz Infrared technology to heat water instantly and very efficiently. In fact, an infrared water heater can reduce monthly water heating energy costs by up to 60%.

Since water heating is one of the biggest monthly expenses of a laundry facility, a 60% reduction in costs can make a big difference in overall profits. Additionally, these tankless water heating units last much longer than most conventional water heaters, running strong without efficiency losses for ten years or more.

Every year that you can delay replacing a major piece of equipment means bigger profits for your business, so a water heater that lasts for over a decade can mean great things for your bottom line. Whether you replace your old water heater with a SioGreen tankless infrared water heater or develop a Hybrid system that upgrades an existing hot water heater with SioGreen technology, you can enjoy instant, reliable hot water for your whole business while cutting down on energy use and monthly expenses. That’s just good business.