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Nail Salon Tankless Water Heater


Beauty / Nail Salon:

Nail and beauty establishments require a high demand of hot water supply for their customers. Most salons have two 50 gallon tanks or one commercial 110 gallon tank, and the majority of those tanks are inefficient, conventional models. SioGreen is able to replace these water heaters with an infrared hot water heater for beauty salons and nail salons that could instantly save establishments up to $1500.

The SioGreen Beauty and Nail Salon Tankless Water Heater:

SioGreen’s beauty and nail salon tankless water heater can help to reduce a salon’s expenses while providing the reliable hot water that the business needs all day, every day. Depending on the type of salon, there can be a variety of hot water needs for hand washing, hair washing, soaking for manicures and pedicures, sanitation, floor mopping, and a variety of other daily tasks.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of hot water in daily operations, but most salons literally could not operate without it. Depending on specific operations and number of customers, the monthly expenses related to hot water generation can vary. However, most businesses can benefit from reducing as many costs as possible.

Replacing a water heater can be one of the biggest expenses a salon can face, so it’s crucial to replace the old water heater with one that is more efficient, reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting than the previous one. That’s why SioGreen offers great options for a beauty and nail salon tankless water heater.

SioGreen water heaters apply Quartz Infrared heating elements in a tankless system that does not experience the corrosion and wear that traditional tank-using water heaters experience. This means that SioGreen tankless water heaters can last up to twenty years, which is twice the number of years you are likely to get out of many other models.

This means you save money every extra year you can get out of your water heating unit. In terms of monthly expenses, the efficiency of these tankless water heaters means that you can save up to sixty percent on water heating related energy bills, which can add up to hundreds or even thousands each year. In terms of sanitation, SioGreen water heaters can help reduce the presence of algae and bacteria in the hot water, which is crucial in a salon. You gain all of these benefits while enjoying instant, reliable hot water for all of your needs.

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