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Infrared Tankless Water Heater For Laundromat


The SioGreen Infrared Tankless Water Heater for Laundromat Use:

From coin laundry operators to on-premise laundry (OPL) facilities, SioGreen laundromat hot water heater systems will be able to provide enough hot water to meet all of your needs. The average laundromat has 10 washers, which can mean an enormous amount of hot water used every single day. Monthly hot water-related energy bills can take a huge bite out of a laundromat’s profits, so it’s important to find a laundromat hot water heater that’s as efficient as possible.

The infrared tankless water heater for laundromat application has the potential to save a laundry service hundreds or even thousands a year in energy costs because it’s greater efficiency can save up to sixty percent in expenses.

SioGreen’s Quartz Infrared heating elements make their design an ideal infrared tankless water heater for laundromat owners and managers. Conventional water heaters have a tendency to experience corrosion, a reduction in efficiency and fairly rapid breakdown. This is because of the way the heating elements are created to operate inside a water tank, exposed to water and corrosive conditions.

SioGreen’s tankless infrared design is cleaner, safer, more efficient, and longer lasting than the typical tank-based water heating system. In fact, a SioGreen tankless system may not need to be replaced for up to twenty years, saving you a fortune on repair and replacement costs. Best of all, you won’t sacrifice performance as you save money because these water heaters are designed to provide plenty of hot water, even at your peak usage times.

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